Urbis was engaged by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation to create market leading Prospectus to market Western Australia’s Superyacht fabrication, maintenance, refit and destination opportunities.

We assembled the brightest and most creative minds in our local office who have direct and relevant experience informing, authoring and implementing successful investment, advocacy and economic development strategies, offering marketing and copywriting skills and unparalleled insight into the requirements of this project.

We worked closely with the WA State Government and key stakeholders to develop a compelling narrative and collateral to support investment attraction efforts.

Overall, our approach:

  • Leveraged a thorough understanding of the locality, local market drivers and the considerable background research from local experience and national expertise in the Superyacht industry locally;
  • Provided a genuine partnership with JSTI to leverage local knowledge and community insight to develop a visionary investment document with practical implementation via a highly collaborative project approach.
  • Involved an integrated approach from a team of experts in a variety of aligned fields to be involved in planning for this important project of State significance.

Urbis was engaged by the department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation to develop a visionary investment document.