Urbis developed a series of freight capability and feasibility studies for the Orana region, to support future economic development in the region. Articulating a clear economic narrative to support regional investment has been a key focus of the work. The studies were developed on a combination of detailed data analysis and stakeholder engagement to understand the methods of transport used by regional producers. Much of the freight data provided by Urbis, from analysis of a range of sources across different freight modes, has not been previously available.

The Freight and Logistics Capability Study investigated the existing freight network and task in the Orana region, reported on the condition and capacity of key networks and identified potential projects and initiatives which could enhance freight and logistic productivity and promote regional growth.

Alongside the capability study, Urbis assessed the feasibility of a regional international air freight facility located in the Orana region. The economic analysis and supporting stakeholder engagement confirmed that a reginal air freight facility is not necessary or currently viable to attract regular airline services for international freight.

The Orana region is well-supported by a freight and logistics network underpinned by good regional road and rail connectivity, with particularly strong road connectivity. However, the regional freight network is not without its challenges.

With the regional freight task forecast to increase by 76% by 2035, targeted investment in the regional network is required to ensure efficient market access for regional producers and Orana’s future economic prosperity.