Macquarie Park has successfully developed as one of Australia’s largest non-CBD office markets, with leading companies, a university and hospitals. NSW Government has prepared a Draft Place Strategy that recognises Macquarie Park has potential as a world-class place for innovation and collaboration.

Our client, Kador Group, the long-term landowners of 1 Eden Park Drive, saw demand for high-quality commercial office space and undertook the redevelopment of an existing warehouse. Kador Group sought to capitalise on the floor space and height incentives in the planning controls and engaged Urbis to advise on plans for an 8 storey commercial office building.

The proposal will improve connectivity in the Macquarie Park Corridor through the provision of a new laneway, which will enhance the pedestrian experience and support employment growth and infrastructure.

Urbis was excited to secure approval for this significant development from the Sydney North Planning Panel and to have helped Kador Group negotiate agreements with the City of Ryde Council for local infrastructure improvements.

The new commercial office building is a positive step towards Macquarie Park emerging as a world-class place for innovation and collaboration.