Night time activity is an important part of Australia’s economy and planning for a vibrant night time economy has become a key focus for many Councils.

Katoomba is the key population and economic centre for the upper Blue Mountains and a popular tourist destination known for its natural landscape and cultural activities. However, it has not been promoted as a night-time destination and is not generally perceived as having an attractive night time economy (NTE) offering.

To understand the constraints and opportunities for Katoomba NTE, Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) engaged Urbis to audit and analyse the activity in the town centre at night. The study included stakeholder consultation, intercept surveys and night time activity audits undertaken over a Friday and Saturday night.

The outcomes of this study will inform a broader economic strategy for the Blue Mountains local government area.

The challenges and opportunities presented by the night time economy are not unique to Katoomba, but they need to be understood through a local lens. Together with the BMCC, we were able to uncover the key strengths, constraints and opportunities for Katoomba at night.