Urbis has developed a ‘Community Benefit Assessment Framework’ to assist investLogan with identifying and understanding the community benefits associated with their investment activities. The framework provides a simple approach to capturing the range of community or social benefits that may result from a development project. It also provides a basis for communicating and reporting benefits that aren’t captured by economic assessments.

By applying the framework, benefits are given an impact rating based on the outcome and likelihood measures across the following five categories:

    • Economics and employment
    • Identity and place
    • Community services and facilities
    • Community access and participation
    • Accessibility and inclusion

The framework is designed to be a user-friendly tool that can be applied by applicants and property industry professionals. The framework can be adapted to different local and community contexts.

The community benefit assessment framework provides applicants and property industry professionals with a tool to understand and assess the range of community benefits associated with a development project.