Urbis commenced work on the master plan in 2008 and in January 2009 was engaged as lead consultant to manage the design development and construction documentation of the Chinatown Mall. The $10 million redevelopment was designed, documented and constructed within a very short program.

The vision was to offer simple, attractive shaded spaces within the existing mix of heritage buildings and cultural expression of the mall.

Key to the design, was the flexibility to accommodate a variety of events and permit unexpected synergies between people, uses and buildings. The design includes a central glass canopy structure, Chinese themed lighting and sculpture, custom designed furniture and an elegant bronze linear fountain.

With construction completed in 2010, this popular urban space successfully accommodates cultural and music festivals and extensive outdoor dining.

Urbis led the design and delivery of Brisbane’s iconic Chinatown Mall from master planning to construction completion. The design phase of the project involved a series of workshops with delegates from Shenzen, China, Brisbane’s sister city. Culturally relevant, public art and WSUD initiatives were incorporated into this award-winning precinct.