Steve is an experienced Director, previously holding executive roles at many large, complex, Australian and International financial services companies. He has a wealth of knowledge in growing business, understanding the dynamics of partnerships and strong market and business development mindset.

He is the Non-Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Koda Capital which is an independent partnership providing private wealth advice. While distinct to Urbis in term of service offering, Koda has various connections such as having a purpose led culture and a strong growth and entrepreneurial mindset. Steve is also the executive Chairman of Prodigy Investment Partners a boutique incubator in joint venture with Euroz Securities and is a founding Director of the Banking and Finance Oath. 

Steve has worked in wealth management for over 25 years, commencing as a graduate at MLC in Perth under the ownership of Lend Lease. He has worked in superannuation, ran MLC’s advice networks, led MLC Investments and finally took over as CEO in 2004. He was appointed to the Group Executive of NAB in 2009 and was Group Executive for MLC and NAB Wealth until 2013.