Dr Kali Marnane is a registered architect who works between engagement, research, strategy, and design to solve complex urban problems. She helps clients and communities imagine better futures and how the arrangement and appearance of space can help them work towards those futures.

Kali’s design and research background has enabled her to analyse data succinctly, think creatively, and strategise efficiently and effectively. Kali excels in fostering productive relationships with stakeholders, utilising her expertise to overcome challenges effectively. Her projects aim to increase quality of life, build strong local identities and advance social justice. She is particularly passionate about working with young people and First Nations communities to create better strategies, briefs, and outcomes.

Armed with a PhD on informal housing and neighbourhood patterns in India, Kali’s expertise focuses on the relationship between social, cultural, and physical components of urbanism. She is passionate about embedding cutting-edge research into practice to ensure the built environment enhances community wellbeing.

I love working with communities to ensure their voices are heard in planning and design.