13 Aug 2020

The Thomson River Master Plan provides a compelling opportunity to realise the future potential of the river and enhance its value to the local community and visitors alike.

Focusing on a 4km stretch of the river, the master plan reflects two main considerations: to provide new and improved recreational activities for the local community and to attract more visitors to Longreach by enhancing the tourism potential of the river. 

Urbis recently held an extremely successful community engagement session with locals seeking ideas and feedback for the development. Hundreds of locals turned out to have their say over the day through both formal and informal engagement styles.

Speaking to ABC Radio, Urbis Director, Glen Power said: “What came through loud and clear was that there was a need for a good balance between community expectations in terms of what it could be, but also maintaining what’s there – with a really clear understanding that tourism is important and by broadening that experience it can only bring good to the town.”

You can find out more about the Master Plan on the Longreach Regional Council website

Listen to the full interview below.