14 Jun 2019

The local pub is iconic as a community meeting place where all demographics can intersect and enjoy a unique social experience.

Often regarded as the heart of a community and highly valued by locals, factors such as the impact of alcoholism, problem gambling, lock out laws and the growth of chain format venues threaten the future of the humble local pub.

So, how can clever and mindful planning ensure the future of these precious community assets?

The local pub’s identity as a central communal home allows for unique interactions that contribute to an inclusive and cohesive community

Paige Crowe

In her candid and insightful article, “A Town Planner Walks Into A Bar,” Urbis Consultant Town Planner, Paige Crowe, explores the character of the local pub, what defines it, and why communities often band together to protect these spaces.

Paige explains the important role of planning in creating the best outcome for residents – striking a balance between responding to complex planning issues and safeguarding assets such as local pubs that contribute to the soul of the community.

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