By Clare Brown | 7 Apr 2022

Congratulations to Urbis Planning Director, first NSW female Planning Partner and executive Board member, Clare Brown on receiving the prestigious PIA Helen Proudfoot Women in Planning Award

The Dr Helen Proudfoot Women in Planning Award recognises women’s contributions to planning outcomes, policy and practice. Dr Helen Proudfoot demonstrated a tireless determination to enhance planning policy and practice through a commitment to understanding and celebrating ‘place’ and working across disciplines to develop integrated and place-based plans for Metropolitan Sydney.

She is a highly respected and accomplished planner with a longstanding career across all levels of government and industry. Having held senior management roles in several organisations, Clare is currently recognised for her expertise and dedication as a Director of the Board at Urbis. She has both a town planning and legal background, and her skill is demonstrated through her regular appearance as an expert witness in the Land and Environment Court and as an alternate member of Sydney and Regional Planning Panels.

Clare is an honest, authentic, and inclusive leader, colleague, and planner. She collaboratively shares her extensive knowledge and expertise with the wider planning profession. She has worked tirelessly to build better planning outcomes for the community and environment, and spends quality time to up-skill and support young and emerging women planners.

Throughout her career, Clare has forged a positive change in workplace gender diversity and cemented women in leadership through policy, business planning, capacity building and mentoring. Clare was the first female Planning Director at Urbis, and within 6 years has successfully championed women to now represent half of the large Director group.

Clare successfully continues to inspire and encourage women to take on leadership roles as sponsors and mentors in the Urbis SOAR program, which supports women with the aspiration and capacity to progress in their careers.

As a valued and dedicated leader and mentor to all at Urbis and her broader connections, Clare takes the time to guide others, build their confidence and expand their knowledge on current and critical planning issues, as well as their technical skill and career development. Clare leads by example and has encouraged and supported many planners to grow and succeed while fostering important flexible and balanced work environments to ensure diversity is successful in the workplace.

Clare is an inspiring Town Planner who epitomises the desired personal and professional values that positively enhance the Planning profession and all the people that work in it.

Congratulations on this outstanding achievement Clare!