25 Aug 2023

Collective brilliance comes down to empowered individuals. Our Associate Director cohort came together last week to take ownership of their career and shape a dynamic and fulfilling future with Urbis.

Last week, for the first time in many years, we held our first in-person Associate Director Conference! In recent years, we have all been reminded of the power of interacting and connecting face-to-face (and the disadvantages of missing out on that opportunity).

Our Associate Director conference empowers attendees to take control of their career aspirations and work with our senior leaders to make it happen.

Benjamin Pollack View Profile

Fortunately, this year’s delegates came together in beautiful Coogee, NSW to build those connections across Urbis, develop a deeper understanding of our Urbis vision, and participate in targeted learning workshops.

Urbis CEO Benjamin Pollack says “It’s fantastic to see our next generation of leaders coming together full of ambition and with an appetite to learn and grow.”

We are thrilled to have delivered such an insightful and inspiring in-person program for our emerging leaders. It’s fair to say that attendees walked away in an even stronger position to meet their full potential at Urbis and beyond.

There was excitement in the air at the AD conference. As a cohort, we are looking forward to what the future holds.

Jane Witham View Profile

Design Associate Director, Jane Witham says “Being new to the business, it was great to meet so many new faces.”

“I quickly realised the value created by such a diverse range of skills, and the importance of harnessing this diversity to tackle complex problems of tomorrow.”

For more information about our building your career at Urbis, visit: https://urbis.com.au/careers/