9 Aug 2016

Lisa Chung, Chair at Urbis, features on the cover of this month’s Company Director Magazine.

In an in-depth interview with Australia’s leading magazine for directors, Lisa talks about the changing face of the not-for-profit sector and the increased emphasis of diversity in the workplace.

She shares insights from her successful career as a commercial property lawyer, as well as her experience through a range of non-executive directorships.

The one theme that particularly shines through the interview is diversity, and the crucial role it plays in business:

“Diversity in whatever guise is, I think, quite empowering and energising, partly because what you learn in one sphere you can apply in another.

“The fact that I have the benefit of diverse experiences – whether it’s by reason of sector, gender, or culture – is more powerful to my thinking today than the 30 years that I spent in the law.”

The full interview is available at Company Director Magazine.

At Urbis we believe that diversity leads to excellence. Our quest to be a truly great company is founded on the commitment of ensuring everyone is provided with the opportunity to develop, advance and perform to their very best regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, physical ability or religious preference. The Urbis Diversity Annual Report FY16 is available here.