19 Dec 2023

As the year comes to a close, we are thrilled to announce and celebrate the outstanding achievements of our dedicated team members with our end of year promotions. 

Effective 1 January 2024, the below promotions are the result of the hard work our team continues to provide to Urbis to help shape cities and communities for a better future. Among those promoted is 2 Directors and 6 Associate Directors. 


  • Christina Bagot, Economic & Social Advisory, Melbourne
  • Jessica Greenwood, Economics & Property, Melbourne


  • Albert Au-Yeung, Economics & Property, Melbourne
  • Lily Havers, Economics & Property, Melbourne
  • Jerome Samrani, Economics & Property, Sydney
  • Taryn Sobel-Beeri, Planning, Melbourne
  • Rachael Green, Planning, Brisbane
  • Agnes Tiong, Future State, Gold Coast

Urbis is committed to supporting the development of our people at all levels and are proud to announce the following promotions:


  • Hudson MacMahon, Landscape Architect, Design, Brisbane
  • Joel Boudin, Consultant, Planning, Brisbane
  • Sarah Quinlan, Consultant, Planning, Brisbane
  • Hannah Knarr, Consultant, Planning, Brisbane
  • Rhiannon Simpson, Consultant, Planning, Brisbane
  • Josh Williams, Consultant, Planning, Gold Coast
  • Jack Young, Consultant, Planning (Transport Advisory), Brisbane
  • Tamra Degotardi, Research Analyst, Economics & Property, Brisbane
  • Thomas Cavicchia, Research Analyst, Economic & Social Advisory, Melbourne
  • Yasmine McKibbin, Research Analyst, Economics & Property, Melbourne
  • Melissa Yong, Research Analyst, Economics & Property, Melbourne
  • Nathan Wakelin,-King Research Analyst, Economics & Property, Melbourne
  • Olivia Walkinshaw, Consultant, Planning, Melbourne
  • Lauren Murrant, Consultant, Planning, Melbourne
  • Ilana Kabaker, Consultant, Planning, Melbourne
  • Katy Smit, Consultant, Planning, Melbourne
  • Angus Ponsford, Research Analyst, Future State, Melbourne
  • Zara Bennett, Consultant, Planning, Sydney
  • Zoe Gleeson, Consultant, Planning, Sydney
  • Tayla Elias, Consultant, Planning, Parramatta
  • Sarah Kerridge-Creedy, Consultant, Planning (Community Planning), Sydney
  • Caidee Heriot, Consultant, Planning (Engagement), Sydney
  • Haylie Shum, Landscape Architect, Design, Sydney
  • Olivia Geehan, Research Analyst, Economic & Social Advisory, Sydney
  • Alicia Jung, People & Culture Administrator, People & Culture, Sydney
  • Adam Bienkowski, Assistant Valuer, Economics & Property, Sydney
  • Nicholas Cheong, Assistant Valuer, Economics & Property, Sydney
  • Alana Doherty, Research Analyst, Economics & Property, Sydney
  • Mitchell Rae, Research Analyst, Economics & Property, Sydney
  • Nima Zaer Heidari, Research Analyst, Economics & Property, Perth


  • Adri Gumirato, Consultant, Melbourne
  • Mikki Schneider, Consultant, Melbourne
  • Katherine Rayne, Senior Consultant, Perth
  • Thet Thiri Swan, Senior Consultant, Sydney


  • Owen Barrett, Senior Consultant, Sydney
  • Therese McCormick, Senior Consultant, Sydney 


  • Manisha Wijekulasuriya, Consultant, Sydney
  • Greta Newman, Senior Consultant, Melbourne


  • Gilbert Eliott, Senior Consultant, Sydney
  • Saskia McEldowney, Senior Consultant, Melbourne
  • Nathan Sambevski, Senior Consultant,  Melbourne
  • Rosanna Cameron, Senior Consultant, Brisbane
  • Matthew Filov, Senior Consultant, Perth


  • Josh Grover, Senior Spatial Analyst, Melbourne


  • Emily-Rose Swain, Senior Urban Designer, Brisbane