Tim Greenhill is a gifted Urban Designer who is skilled at finding solutions that satisfy all parties with competing objectives.

He’s worked in government agencies, academic institutions and private consultancies – on projects including integrated urban renewals, waterfronts, CBD developments and regional activity centres. Tim has worked overseas, undertaking policy and regulatory planning in the US and policy in the UK. He learned to listen to community views, which he incorporated into designs that satisfied local government and its constituents. He holds a Master of Urban Design from the Australian Urban Design Research Centre.

Tim is passionate about urban design that builds communities, and he believes in giving back – he teaches the next generation of urban designers at his alma mater.

He was a key participant of the multi-disciplinary design team during the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority’s work on Elizabeth Quay, Perth’s new waterfront, and Yagan Square, the future heart of the city.

Urban design is primarily about understanding people as individuals and as collectives, their needs, wants, hopes and desires, and then finding a way to not just embed these into our surrounds, but to enhance them.