Suhaib Obaid is an expert in telecommunications design – delivering the infrastructure that allows people and businesses to easily communicate with others around the globe.

Suhaib leads the design process at Urbis, guiding projects from concept development through to detailed construction plans. He identifies potential risks in the design and collaborates with civil, structural and electrical engineers to address technical issues. A civil engineer by trade, Suhaib has worked on designs for a variety of infrastructure projects – everything from greenfield projects to rooftop and tower retrofits.

Suhaib has been a key figure in significant telecommunications projects across Australia. He was the design and project manager on a rollout of long-term evolution (LTE) technologies at more than 1,000 sites for Optus and Vodafone. He also managed the design for Telstra’s fast-paced nationwide deployment of LTE technologies and acted as the design engineer in Telstra’s power replacement project.

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