Michael is an urban designer and strategic planner who has spent the last 20+ years working on projects around the world, with extended periods in Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Michael’s diverse professional experience includes working for several leading, globally recognised consultancies and government entities at the forefront of changing how cities are designed and planned.

In his practice, Michael focuses on creating compelling, place-led design solutions and delivering projects that work to increase the quality of life of community residents, whether through strategic planning and policy development, individual site design or large-scale master plans, urban design for new transportation corridors, or the design of a community park or intimate urban plaza.

As an accomplished facilitator and speaker, Michael regularly presents and consults internationally on issues related to placemaking, urban renewal and creating healthy cities. He has also contributed to numerous publications, summer schools, urban design master classes, and placemaking seminars.

At the core of my design approach is a commitment to creating exceptional places people love and feel connected to.