Curiosity, openness to innovation and a desire to understand trends make Liz Ernst a top-flight market researcher.

Liz specialises in quantitative and qualitative research, which she has practised in Australia and in London, where she worked for five years on large-scale projects for Research International. She holds a Bachelor of Science and is an expert in questionnaire design, project management, designing and managing focus groups, and managing client relationships. When she has finished the research, she uses her sharp analytical and interpretative skills to produce clear reports and insightful presentations.

Much of Liz’s work has focused on the retail industry, but her versatility and passion for information gathering make her suitable for any consumer research role. High-profile jobs include Vodafone’s ‘customer delight’ system, which operates in 20 countries; focus groups and exit surveys for Chadstone Shopping Centre; the Mirvac Residential Prospect Survey, a quantitative analysis of residential property buyers; and the Monash Employment Cluster Survey.

I was born a researcher – I need answers.