Linda Kurti delivers the evidence and insight needed by clients to improve performance and outcomes. 

As Group Director of Urbis’ Economic and Social Advisory team, Linda uses her international experience of health systems and community development to inform policy and strategic direction in the health and social sectors in Australia. Qualified in music, theology and public health, Linda’s approach to policy and strategy combines a participatory paradigm with a pragmatic and analytical approach to evidence and sense-making.

Linda is highly engaged with the needs and challenges of the health and aged care sectors as well as community development and home-based social services. Her extensive experience comprises nearly 25 years in health service development, academic research and consulting, as well as leadership and governance roles in the international development and aged care sectors. 

Recent career highlights include leading the evaluation of the National Palliative Care Strategy and subsequent re-design of the Strategy for the future; reviewing the National Indigenous Pharmacy Programs; examining quality use of medicines in aged care; evaluating the NSW Cancer Plan; and working with the NSW Ministry of Health on a number of projects to strengthen the health workforce of the future. 

I am passionate about working together to create the social environments in which people can flourish.