Kristen is a strategic planner and urban economist with more than 15 years of experience across Australia, Hong Kong and Asia. She holds qualifications in urban planning and development along with a Masters Degree focused on a community centred approach to addressing complex urban challenges.  

Kristen has a diverse and adaptable skillset which combines urban economics and strategic planning. She has worked with Governments and developers internationally on a range of urban projects including new urban areas, regional policies and large-scale projects to stimulate growth and innovation. Examples include the Hong Kong Airport Aerotropolis, new master plans and urban regeneration projects across China, India and Africa and policies on transport, infrastructure and housing in Australia and Hong Kong.

Kristen has a keen interest in the vibrancy that culture and tourism projects can bring to a city. She has led business case and demand studies to inform the scale, mix and positioning of innovative cultural and visitor focused development. Examples include one of the largest cultural districts in Asia, the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong and a major new tourism proposal on the Gold Coast.

More recently, Kristen has led several complex economic evaluations including Urbis’s major pro-bono project with the Business Council of Australia on the economic impact of the 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires on local businesses across NSW, Victoria and South Australia. 


  • Prefeasibility study of a new regional tourism proposal for the Gold Coast Hinterland, Gold Coast City Council
  • Economic impact of the Black Summer Bushfires on local businesses across regional NSW, Victoria and South Australia, Business Council of Australia
  • Economic and social evaluation of industry led policy to minimize plastic waste, Hong Kong 
  • Economic impact framework for local government affordable housing delivery 
  • Tourism led urban development strategy for Tianjin, PRC
  • Masterplan Feasibility of for a New Tourism Zone, China
  • Chengdu Meng Zhui Wan Urban Regeneration- Master Plan Business Case, China
  • Pre-feasibility study of a new Exhibition Centre for Hong Kong
  • Beijing’s Chao Yang District Economic & Planning Strategy
  • Airport Master Plan 2035, Economic & Spatial Planning, Hong Kong
  • Convention Centre Prefeasibility Study, Hong Kong
  • West Kowloon Cultural District Integrated Development, Hong Kong
  • Cultural & Creative Industries Strategy for WKCD, Hong Kong
  • Sydney Light Rail Strategic Plan- Urban Renewal Analysis, NSW
  • Western Sydney Light Rail Feasibility Study, NSW
  • North West Rail Link Land Use Study, NSW

I am inspired by the complexity and vibrancy of cities and driven to help cities meet the challenges of the 21st century