Josie is a versatile, insightful designer whose career spans almost a decade across urban design and landscape architecture. She has worked in both the public sector and in private consulting, and at scales ranging from city-wide down to a single parking space.

Josie’s main areas of expertise are analysis, advisory work, and the visioning and concept stages of design. She has particular interest in the impact of places on people’s behaviour and experiences. This inspired her to obtain extra qualifications in User Experience (UX) Design and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Josie’s career highlights include helping Adelaide become a more vibrant city through strategy and research initiatives like Public Spaces and Public Life, and pop-up interventions including Splash Adelaide. In more recent years, she has played a lead role in the formative stages of some of Melbourne’s major transport infrastructure projects including Melbourne Metro and Chandler Highway.

With a mix of evidence, empathy and imagination, I seek to make life better for the users of my designs.