Ian Cady has worked as an Urban Planner in Sydney for more than two decades.

While Ian has experience working in local government and in Dubai, for most of his career he’s worked as a consulting planner in the inner and middle rings of Sydney. Sydney is his canvas. Since joining Urbis in 2004, Ian has specialised in residential and mixed-use projects, and he is widely recognised for his knowledge of the regulatory environment and skill in resolving complex development issues. He is also known for providing approval strategy advice and expert evidence in the NSW Land and Environment Court.

Ian is passionate about renewing our cities and enabling developments that create connected and sustainable urban places that enrich individuals’ lives. He lists amongst his career highlights projects such as 150 King Street, 1 Alfred Street, Kinghorn Cancer Centre, Little Bay Cove, Dominion Darlinghurst, Ashfield Mall and Macquarie Park Village. He’s also worked on seniors living developments, campus master plans and shopping centres.

I am fascinated by the evolution of cities. I love helping them grow and change for the better.