Anthony Calthorpe is a talented planner with a passion for urban renewal. 

Clients value his creative and pragmatic approach to urban planning and policy, honed through more than 14 years’ experience in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Anthony is adept at navigating complex planning challenges throughout a project’s life span – from conception to delivery. He also brings detailed insights into the complexities of urban renewal – an area he believes will be at the forefront of future inner-city planning in Australia. 

Anthony is recognised for his detailed knowledge of Melbourne’s growth areas. He took a key role in writing the Growth Corridor Plan for Victoria’s Metropolitan Planning Authority, and was the project manager for the Revitalising Central Dandenong project. He also prepared the Strategic Framework Plan for Fishermans Bend, a major urban renewal project in Victoria. 

Andrew holds a degree in urban and regional planning.

Foresight is an essential tool for making our clients’ projects simpler. This is the art of good strategic planning.