Amanda Fong is an accomplished communications and marketing specialist whose experiences studying and working abroad have shaped her understanding of the importance of environment.

Her experience spans Australia, the Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe for more than 15 years. Amanda draws on her experience – advising on reputation management, corporate affairs, brand management, public relations, stakeholder communications, market positioning and client strategy – to lead our national team of marketing, communications and graphic design experts.

Amanda’s 11 years living in London allowed her to visit major cities around the world, leading to her fascination with the role they play in our lives. She has found her intellectual home at Urbis, where she can exercise her passion for advocating for nurturing, creative and vibrant communities and cities for people of all ages. She has also advised not for profits including the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and YGAP.

Cities continue to evolve and play an ever more critical role in the lives of an increasing number of people. This change underpins the Urbis brand and drives the passion and focus of our team.