Alison Wallace is one of Australia’s most experienced public policy advisors and program evaluators. Over 30 years, she has researched and evaluated more than 200 programs for the Australian Government, the NSW Government and major non-government organisations.

Alison holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology and previously worked at the University of Sydney, the University of Aberdeen, and in NSW Government.  She is a cross-portfolio specialist, having worked extensively in health, employment, education, justice, disability, families and communities, and the intersecting spaces. This experience enables Alison to bring insights and learnings across sectors and agencies – breaking down siloed thinking and barriers.

Alison has worked on many innovative projects, including a recent ground-breaking program for people with a disability funded by the NSW Government, and Australia’s first Social Benefit Bond, Newpin. Both programs have garnered considerable attention across the country and also overseas.

Our cities and communities are becoming larger and more complex by the day. I enjoy nothing more than working through the challenges this brings – to ensure that, as we grow and evolve, our communities are safe, inclusive, productive and healthy.