28 Feb 2019

Brisbane continues to lead in terms of storage fee growth over the last six months. Specifically, the Brisbane Inner Zone was the only zone to record growth greater than 2.00%.

Despite a decline across multiple zones, the overall fee rate growth for both Australian and New Zealand markets was positive.

Conversely, occupancy declines have been felt across all zones expect for the Sydney Inner Zone. Most notably, the Brisbane Outer Zone recorded the largest decline over the last six months, a stark comparison to its 6.40% growth over December 2017 to June 2018 period.

The Urbis Storage Index (USI) is a substantial set of time series data is the leading index in the Australasian self-storage industry. It monitors more than 85 mature self-storage facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland, NZ. Our measured approach and proven expertise provides an accurate picture of your facility’s value and how to maximise it.

The data in this report relates to the six-month period from June 2018 to December 2018. Click the image below to download your copy.

Urbis Storage Index

We look forward to continuing to develop the Urbis Storage Index and providing the self storage industry with a comprehensive set of professional services, including valuations, feasibilities and consulting research.

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