23 Nov 2015

The Urbis Shopping Centre Benchmarks 2015 have been published and the results are fascinating.

Since 1992, Urbis has undertaken an annual benchmarking survey of Australian Shopping Centre performance. Over time, we have observed the continued evolution of the Shopping Centre industry. Centres have moved from being purely ‘retail’-focused destinations to the community hubs we see today, offering a broader range of dining, entertainment, commercial and community facilities.

This year has seen further dramatic change in Australian Shopping Centres as many centres embark on major redevelopments.

The Urbis Shopping Centre Benchmarks 2015 track the impact of these changes and can help answer questions such as:

  • What is the size, composition and mix of the typical centre by centre type?
  • Which major tenant categories are driving centre growth?
  • What impact are the introduction of the international mini majors having on the performance of centres?
  • Which specialty category is growing faster than all others?
  • Is specialty rent growth keeping pace with turnover growth?
  • What contribution are non-retail uses now making to centre income?

For more information read more about our findings here from the Australian Financial Review, or take a look at our press release.

The reports for Regional, Sub-Regional, CBD and Supermarket Centres are available to order now – so place your order today!



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