By Matthew Schneider | 8 Aug 2017

We relish the challenge to work on projects that truly shape cities and communities. That’s why we are proud to have collaborated with the City of Gold Coast in delivering the important new Building Height Study – An Approach to City Image.

As the Gold Coast continues to undergo significant transformation, the principles outlined in the study will create, and protect, its distinctive form and retain its competitive advantage.

Together with the Office of the City Architect and City Planning Branch, our design and planning experts worked for several years to understand and capture the values that define the Gold Coast as a young, unique and maturing city.

Those values were then distilled into a suite of principles that reflect the intrinsic qualities, and bold aspirations, of the Gold Coast.

Seven principles underpin all decision-making about building height across the city. These principles will guide future strategic planning and development assessment decisions across the city.

Director Matthew Schneider explains, “Importantly, our approach enabled us to replace a blunt, binary approach to regulating building height with good, clear policy (and supporting regulation) that is deeply rooted in the values of the city.  We’re proud of that, because we know that it will play a crucial role in shaping our city.”

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