By Claire Grealy | 20 May 2016

In the 2015 Review of the Disability Standards for Education, stakeholders indicated that more awareness needs to be made on how to implement the Standards in practice.

The development of a series of Practice Exemplars resulted from one of the recommendations in the 2015 Review, which has since been published on Department of Education and Training’s website, along with the Government’s response.

Our team undertook the project to gather stories of successful inclusion of students with disabilities. Stories were taken across all levels of Australian education from early childhood, primary and secondary, through to vocational and higher education.

The Exemplars were developed by Urbis – who undertook the 2015 Review – with selected stakeholders to demonstrate how the Standards can be used to support better learning outcomes and improved learning experiences for students in early learning, schools, vocational education and higher education.

We have spoken to some fantastic young people, their parents and educators across the countries, who have shared with us their stories of ‘reasonable adjustments’ in their education setting.

It’s highlighted to us the importance and relative ease of making adjustments to support fair inclusion by all students in Australia.

The practice exemplars have now been published online here.

The 2015 Review can be downloaded here.

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