What you can expect.

Our Human Resources team will get in touch with you regarding your application if you are shortlisted for the role.

You will feel supported and informed throughout our hiring process which includes an initial phone screen, onsite interviews, and completion of a case study or assessment.  And finally, once both you and Urbis feel it’s the right fit, we will conduct reference checks with people who can talk to your experience and achievements.

During the interview process, we’ll ask you to showcase some of your recent work. You’ll also meet key people relevant to the position and have a chance to ask questions so you can learn more about Urbis, the role and the team you hope to work in.

We’ll give you feedback at every stage of the process, so you know where you stand and what to expect.

Tips for your Urbis job application

Your cover letter should be no longer than two pages.

Tell us why you want to work at Urbis and why you think you’re suited to the position. Explain the skills, experience, qualifications and talents you’ll bring to the role, and let us know anything else that will help us work out whether you’re the right fit for Urbis.

Keep your resume short, and make sure it covers your education, experience and expertise. Include the names and contact details of two referees.